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Message from President

Modern packaging demands not only package integrity and security but also to create added value and shelf appeal from the package and these demands are growing all the time. Production demands also required the development of integrated packaging systems to improve efficiency and reduce labour and material costs by the integration of sophisticated technology. Toyo are also committed to reducing the environmental impact of the systems they supply.

Toyo has built up an excellent reputation for delivering packaging systems using their years of experience with the demands of every single customer catered for with unique adaption and customisation for each machine.

Toyo are determined to be successful, as one of the world's leading packaging machinery suppliers by constantly developing our technology and satisfying the present and future demands of our customers.

It is our great pleasure that we enjoy the continued support of our customers and that we work in close co-operation to mutually to improve the technology of both parties.

Toyo's target is to improve people's daily life by delivering sustainable, innovative and easy to use packaging technologies, by striving to develop state of the art packaging systems.

Masahiko Shimbara