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R-cut Stickpack

Toyo Machine Manufacturing invented a unique, new stickpack format "the R-corner cut Stickpack" in 2001.

Patent No. 4014384 : Stickpacker for R-cut stickpack

Patent No. 4025068 : R-cutter unit of a moving punch and fixed die

Design Registration No.1158788 : R-corner cut stickpack format

Design Registration No.1362607 : Complex R-corner cut stickpack format

EU Design Registration No.001021240-0001 : Complex R-corner cut stickpack format

USA Design patent No.USD591614 : Complex R-corner cut stickpack format


Advantage of R-cut Stickpack

Neat and Attractive

R-cut's attractive design impresses consumers and delivers unrivaled levels of project appeal with its safe and tidy appearance.

Eliminates Pack Damage

Traditional sharp end seal corners can mark other packs and even cause leakage or injure customer's fingers. The R-cut stickpack solves these problems.

Complex R-cut

Further improved the Complex R-cut liquid stickpack delivers benefit for Pharmaceutical and food industries as the easy opening creates a nozzle which allows for safe and easy swallowing.