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■Stick Packaging Machine with Auger filler
[Model TM70-ZC]


Packaging Sample

With TOYO'S expertise and extensive know-how of STICK PACKAGING, we have released a new type STICKPACKER with Multiple Lane Auger Measuring Unit built in it.

This makes it possible to measure/ fill fine or even free flowing powder such as milk, coffee, chocolate, cereal, powdered green tea, pharmaceutical, health food, etc. Weight feedback can be controlled in combination with a check weigher.

The machine is servo motor driven which makes product change easy and fast by enabling pre-set of operation condition such as sachet length, filling weight, filling timing, etc. on touch screen panel.

Attachable options are Date coder, Reel guider, Nitrogen gas flush, I-notch cutter, Zigzag cutter, cutter adjuster, etc.