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Mask Production Machines

Mask molding, individual wrapping, bundling, bagging, and boxing production line [MODEL SK series]

■Flat mask production machine

Mask molding, individual wrapping, bundling, bagging, and boxing production lineLine Image

■An integrated production line from mask forming machine to primary packaging and secondary packaging

Bringing together the engineering skills based on over 60 years of experience cultivated from the manufacture of packaging machines, the packaging equipment systems professionals are offering systems for the manufacture and packaging of masks.

Why not request a comparative analysis with a new production system for the purpose of reducing consignment manufacture?

 In this situation with coronavirus proliferating around the world, we wondered if there is anything we can do at our company to contribute to society. We immediately began development of mask production machines and production lines.

<Distinguishing features of Toyo Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.>

・Thorough analysis and kaizen of issues with existing mask molding machines.

・Proposals for integrated production lines with not only mask molding, but also individual wrapping, gathering in batches, packing in bags, and packing in boxes.

・Capacity: 100 units/minute

・Production on a single production line possible with 1-2 operators.

・After flat mask production machines, we are continuing to launch development of machines for facepiece respirator mask production and so on.

★Coming soon: An introduction to the new facepiece respirator mask production machine

■Facepiece respirator mask production machine

Facepiece respirator mask production machineLine Image

Facepiece respirator mask production sampl

Following on from the start of taking orders for flat mask production machines we are proceeding with the development of facepiece respirator mask production machines to produce respirators that meet the N95 standard for high performance filters, and we plan to introduce them to you soon.