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Privacy Policy


  • Compliance Program
    Our company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and has made efforts to ensure its proper protection through the formulation, maintenance and continued improvement of a Compliance Program.
  • Collection of Personal Information
    All information collected is collected by fair means in abidance with relevant law and falls within the range of our business activities.
  • Use and Provision of Personal Information
    Close attention is paid to, and strict controls applied to the use and provision of personal information, such that information is never disclosed to a third party except by the express permission of the said person (the information subject).
  • Safety Measures
    Technical and organizational safety measures have been devised to ensure the safety and correctness of personal information, and that prevent illegal access, loss, tampering or leakage of information.
  • Observance of Legal Requirements
    Our company observes legal requirements and other standards that concern personal information.