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What is Body Warmer?

Disposable body warmers "Kairo" was invented in Japan in the 1970's. Producers used single lane packaging machines with manual secondary packaging requiring many workers at early stage. Toyo Machine Manufacturing was the first company to develop a full automatic high speed packaging line for primary pack, outer pack, collating and flow wrapping.

Kairo Line

Adhesive Warmer

Adhesive "Kairo" was developed to attract consumers for its convenience of putting on underwear to warm body more efficiently, and it was diversified to Regular size (95mm x 130mm), Mini size (70mm x 95mm), Toe warmer (75mm x 95mm), Irregular shaped Kairo for shoulder, back and skin adhesive warmer for special medical use.

Irregular-Shaped Kairo

Hand Warmer

Hand Warmer was developed for the demand of using small Kairo in pocket to warm fingers and hands. It sells well in USA for winter sports. Packaging machine is vertical form fill seal type with center fin seal.

Packaging Line for hand Warmer

Kairo was a hot seller of winter season in the 1980's and it is still one of the key winter goods in Japan. The market is expanding to China, North America and Europe. TOYO also has developed new Kairo machine TQ30 to produce thin gel body warmer that is softer and more stretchable than normal Kairo. It is possible to produce various kinds of products on one machine by changing sealer and die cutter.

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